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Interview: Love Dog: Masha Tupitsyn, Bitch, June 2013

The End of San Francisco? BOMBsite, April 2013

Interview: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2013

The Audacity of Home: POOR Magazine’s New Paradigm of Place, Bitch, November 2012

Homo Work: Interview with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Bitch, March 2012

The Art of Survival, GOOD, March 2012

Unmooring to Connect: Holistic Feminisms, The Scholar and the Feminist Online: Polyphonic Feminisms, December 2010 

Megaphone: Q&A with Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young, make/shift no. 10, Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Embodying Power through Pleasure: An Interview with Pa’ti Garcia, make/shift no. 8, Fall/Winter 2010-2011

The New Mythos Project: An Interview with tk (tanya karakashian) tunchez, make/shift no. 8, Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Flipping the Script on Poverty: welfareQueens, ColorLines, October 2009

Interview: Mapping Home with First-Time Novelist Randa Jarrar, Bitch, Spring 2009

Black Farmers Urge Obama to Keep Promises, ColorLines, April 2009

Farm Subsidies Overwhelmingly Support White Farmers, ColorLines, January/February 2009

The Last Plantation: Black Farmers and the USDA, ColorLines, January/February 2009 

Giving Circles: A Round, make/shift no. 4, Fall/Winter 2008/09

Liar’s Poker: Interview with Hilary Goldberg, Bitch, Winter 2008

Interview: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Rain Taxi, Winter 2008

On Prisons, Borders, Safety, and Privilege: An Open Letter to White Feminists, make/shift no. 3, Spring/Summer 2008 (re-published at AlterNet; trans. to Swedish, BANG!) 

Flash Point, ColorLines, March/April 2008

Why So High? Police Shootings in Phoenix, ColorLines, November/December 2007 (re-published at AlterNet)

Turning to Tasers, ColorLines, November 2007

LAPD Gentrifies Skid Row, ColorLines, September/October 2007 (re-published at AlterNet) 

Look for It Everywhere: An E-Symposium on Feminist Art, make/shift no. 2, Fall 2007

This Is Not a Travel Essay, Kitchen Sink, Summer 2007

Gay Mom’s Happy as She Goes It Alone, Single Mother, May/June 2007

Skid Row Homeless Displaced but Still Homeless, The NewStandard, 4/13/07

No One’s Gonna Do It For Us: A Roundtable on Journalism, Activism, and the Left, LOUDmouth, Spring 2007

Who’s That Wavin’ That Flag? A Roundtable on the Signs, Symbols, and Strategies of the Immigrants-Rights Movement, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, Seal Press, 2006

Two-Wheelin’ in Tinseltown: On Cars, Class, the Planet, the System, and Riding a Bike in L.A., Kitchen Sink, Winter 2006

LAX Hotel Workers Hungry for Living Wage, The NewStandard, 12/12/06

Making Space for Movement, DIY-Lady Style, We Don’t Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists, Seal Press,  2006

Sometimes It Flies: Talking with Amber Hollibaugh, LOUDmouth, Fall 2006

L.A. Cops Crack Down on Skid Row as Gentrification Looms, The NewStandard, 10/17/06

Making Change, Covering Homelessness in Los Angeles: Interview with Rick Mantley, The NewStandard, 10/15/06

Better Than Books: Or, How I Learned to Stop Fronting and Love the Magazine, Kitchen Sink, Summer 2006

White Supremacy in Media: An Interview with Time Wise, The NewStandard, 8/13/06

South Central Farmers Lose Latest Court Fight, The NewStandard, 7/27/06

Protestors Resist Sheriffs, Developers in Fight to Save L.A. Farm, The NewStandard, 6/16/06

Indie Auteurs, Depressed Middle-Aged Murrays, and the Girl, Kitchen Sink, Spring 2006

Immigrants Demonstrate Power through Strike, Boycott, Protests, The NewStandard, 5/02/06

L.A. Urban Farmers Fight for Community Garden, The NewStandard, 4/05/06

History of the South Central Farm, The NewStandard, 4/05/06

14 Acres: Conversations Across Chasms in South Central Los Angeles, Clamor, Spring 2006

The Author Eats: A Food Diary, LOUDmouth, Spring 2006

Various Articles, woa.tv: The Women of Action Network, Fall 2005 to Winter 2006

Everybody Cut: Transgressive Leaps on the Big Screen, Kitchen Sink 12, Fall 2005

Writersblock Colony: On Cabin Fever in Paradise, Kitchen Sink, Fall 2005

These People Live Here: On Gentrification, LOUDmouth, Summer 2005

Watching Alone Kitchen Sink, Summer 2005 (Reprinted in The Quiet Feather, UK)

Here’s Why: In Defense of Rules of Democratic Engagement, Salty, Spring 2005

Fashionable Neighborhoods: Displacing the Other in Style on L.A.’s Eastside, LOUDmouth, Spring 2005

Ladies, Is This Freedom? On Egg-Freezing, Desire Los Angeles, 4/11/05

Neil LaBute, I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Kitchen Sink, Spring 2005

Representing the Truth in Lying Times: Political Documentaries and the Politics of Non-Fiction Forms, Kitchen Sink, Winter 2005

Um, Tina Fey, I Don’t Mean to Be Mean: Satirizing Girls on Film, Kitchen Sink, Fall 2004

Shark Steak and a Side of Memory Loss? Desire Los Angeles, 11/08/04

The Fringes, They’re Sparklin’: Interview with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, LOUDmouth, Fall 2004

Thank Goodness for Radical Queers, Bitch, Summer 2004

Iron Jawed Angels: Radical Activists Past, Present, and on HBO, Desire Los Angeles, 8/16/04

Work, Family, and the Law, Desire Los Angeles, 8/09/04

Is This Democracy? Interview with Karen Bass, LOUDmouth, Summer 2004

Voting and the Electorally Estranged Single Gal, Desire Los Angeles, 7/19/04

Insuring Reproductive Freedom: Covering Contraception, Desire Los Angeles, 6/28/04

Conjuring the Ghosts of Fondas Past, Clamor, May/June 2004

Sex, Power, and Paint: Interview with Abelina Galustian, LOUDmouth, Spring 2004

Thinking Class, Class-ing Thought, Kitchen Sink, Winter 2004

What Women Want: Some Valentine’s Day Thoughts on Shopping, Love, and Critical Thinking, Nervy Girl, February 2004

Schwarzenegger’s Budget Proposal Belies Campaign Promise to Be a “Champion for Women”, Desire Los Angeles, 2/02/04

Men Are for MACH3, Women Are Children, Nervy Girl, January 2004

Victoria’s (Dirty Little) Secret, Nervy Girl, December 2003

Try Me! Bobble My Head!, Nervy Girl, November 2003, Winner of the Nervy Girl Column Contest

Accessing Reproductive Freedom: Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception, Desire Los Angeles, Summer 2003

Bush’s Anti-Abortion Campaign: Thinking Globally About Freedom of Choice, Desire Los Angeles, Spring 2003

The Big Business of Prisons, LOUDmouth, Fall 2003

Together, Apart, Making Connections: Mother-Daughter Travel Tales, Seal Press, 2003

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Pacifist, Bitch, April 2003


The Bilerico Project


Dance: Pat Graney’s Faith and MAO’s Tempest, make/shift no. 11, spring/summer 2012

Film: Absent, Present, make/shift no. 10, Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Film: South Main make/shift no. 6, Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Film: Homotopia, make/shift no. 2, Fall/Winter 2007-2008

Film: View from a Grain of Sand, make/shift no. 1, Spring/Summer 2007

Film: By Invitation Only, make/shift no. 1, Spring/Summer 2007

Zine: Out of the Closets and Into the Libraries: A Collection of Radical Queer Moments, make/shift no. 1, Spring/Summer 2007

Book: Edens Lost and Found, Social Policy, Spring 2007

Journal: Meena, Vol. 1, Clamor, Summer 2006

Book: Politics by Adam Thirlwell, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Winter 2003

Book: Hotel World by Ali Smith, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Spring 2002


Behind the Wheel, elimae, October 2005

The Woman Who Raised Me, My Mother, Watchword 8, Fall 2005

The Numbers, Fine, pindeldyboz, Summer 2004

Armando: A Biography in 926 Words, Other Voices (Canada), Vol. 13, December 2000, Winner of the Other Voices Millennium Prize for Fiction


Day 49, The 365 Project, 2003

Post (a Present), Inhabiting the Body, Moon Journal Press, 2002


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